Return of Property

After a home or a car is searched for narcotics and for other illegal activities, the government often attempts to seize the property where the alleged criminal activity occurred by alleging the property was used for the criminal activity.

We go to court to fight for our clients’ rights to their property so that the government does not illegally seize and later sell the property for their own profit.

The government must show the owner of the property actually knew or should have known that the property was actually being used, by the same owner, for the criminal activity alleged in the warrant.


Fight back and keep what’s yours. At The Zeiger Firm, our experienced lawyers are able to go to court to argue your property, which was seized by the government, should be returned to you, the proper owner.

John Locke and later Thomas Jefferson and the United States Supreme Court told us that the government should not be able to seize our property and we should be free from such government interference in our lives without due process guaranteed to us in the United States Constitution.

If the government has seized or is attempting to seize your property through some type of forfeiture action, contact us now at 215.546.0340 for a free consultation and we will fight for you in your pursuit of the return of your property.

You are entitled to due process before the property is forfeited in a forfeiture action. Contact us now at 215.546.0340 for your “return of property.”