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At Levin & Zeiger LLP our lawyers are Philadelphia, Pennsylvania drug and narcotics attorneys ready to serve you and provide you with high end customer service and representation through out the process. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Pennsylvania Drug Crimes Attorney


Internet Drug Trafficking

Whether you are being charged with buying or selling narcotics online we can help you through the process of fighting your prosecution.

We get calls everyday about people who ordered what they believed to be legal drugs from an internet source, yet they are being prosecuted and no one is willing to hear their side of the story.

We also get questions from clients about the selling of narcotics through the internet and the ramification if their case is picked up by the federal government.

Illegal Prescription Narcotics

Often times an arrest for the sale of illegal narcotics from the internet involves the crime of drug trafficking, which can be a federal offense.

If you are being charged with drug trafficking, the local, state or federal government has been surveilling the narcotics operation for quite some time. The investigation usually includes packaging, warehousing, distribution and delivery.

Contact us now to speak with an experienced attorney about your rights, options and strategies against the government to defend your case. If pleading guilty is not an option due to the extreme situation and the outrageous sentencing implications, call us now to start fighting back for you.

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Our Clients

Contact us now for a free consultation with a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney and discuss your narcotics charge or drug case.

Whether the prosecution is in Philadelphia, Allentown, Reading, Scranton, Harrisburg, State College, Pittsburgh, Erie or any community in Pennsylvania, we can help.

We travel throughout Pennsylvania from the smallest counties to the largest metropolitan areas defending people’s rights and fighting for them when no one else will. Time after time we get phone calls and emails from people who are unhappy with the system, unhappy with the pressure to plead guilty, and unhappy with the way the system treats them as guilty until proven innocent instead of protecting their constitutional guarantees and not even giving them a chance to fight.

Once prospective clients meet with us, they become our clients for years to come because our response is simple: fight back now.

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