International Drug Prosecution

International Drug Prosecution

Whether you are being charged with buying or selling narcotics online we can help you through the process of fighting your prosecution. International Drug Prosecution can occur simply from having drugs you believe to be prescription sent to your home from Canada.

Clients often ask about people who ordered what they believed to be legal drugs from an internet source, yet they are being prosecuted and no one is willing to hear their side of the story. Also, clients ask about selling narcotics through the internet and the ramifications if their case is picked up by the federal government.

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Smuggling Drugs into the United States and the Patriot Act

The federal government traces drug smuggling activities from our borders to our localities and uses the Patriot Act to break all of the rules our forefathers set forth in the federal constitution. The Feds search illegally through the Patriot Act to search our property regardless of our expectation of privacy and regardless of our expectation that we, as Americans, will be free from illegal search and seizures. Again, the hand of government is often overwhelming in the prosecution for drug smuggling activities and prosecution for bringing drugs and narcotics into the United States.

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