Conspiracy exists when people work together to commit a crime. A conspiracy can occur when people do legal acts to come together to do something illegal or do illegal acts to do something legal.

The members of the conspiracy need not know each other, nor do they ever have to meet. A conspiracy can occur if the conspirators take a substantial step towards the crime or commit an overt act to commit a conspiracy.

Cocaine Example

An example of a conspiracy in a narcotics case is where someone owns a farm at which coca is grown. The farmer harvests the coca plant. A shipper appears at the farmers and picks up the leaves. The shipper takes the leaves to a factory. At the factory the coca leaves are transformed into powder cocaine. The cocaine is shipped to a local business. The local business sells the cocaine. If any of the above people knew or should have known that their actions were illegal in any way or that their actions contributed to some illegality, they would all be guilty of conspiracy even if all of their individual acts were legal.