Nebbia Orders

Often times in large narcotics prosecutions the government will request that the defendant’s family cannot post his bail unless the family shows proof of the source of the money for paying the bail. This means there is a Nebbia Order on the case.

The courts will allow the family to post bail and lift the Nebbia Order only if the family can show that the money for the bail payment comes from a legitimate source. The courts usually requires that the person posting bail actually appear in court with documents that prove the source of the bail and require the person posting bail to testify that they are posting the bail from a legitimate source.

Bail Reductions

Bail is set at the very beginning of the process where the courts rely heavily on the police officer’s version of events without the defendant getting any chance to speak to the courts to ensure bail is set at a reasonable amount.

Therefore, bail in large narcotics prosecutions is often much higher then any reasonable amount considering both the circumstances of the arrest, the defendant’s criminal history and the defendant’s history of failing to appear in court.

The lawyers at The Zeiger Firm routinely ask for and get bail reductions for their clients because, through their experience, the attorneys are able to convince judges the bail is unreasonable, causing the bail to be reduced.

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