We fight for our clients rights from the beginning to the end of the case.

Drug and Narcotic Charges in Pennsylvania

The Zeiger Firm is a drug and narcotics criminal defense law firm emphasizing the importance of going to trial and fighting cases. We are located in Center City Philadelphia and actively fight for our clients throughout Pennsylvania in both state and federal court. The Zeiger Firm offers a free consultation to all of our clients. Mr. Zeiger also offers the free consultation via Skype when appropriate due to geographical limitations.

Whether it’s through a motion to suppress or through a jury trial, we represent our clients with a passion that is clear to all of our clients.

Brian J. Zeiger


Possession with the Intent to Deliver

When the government charges Possession with the Intent to Deliver (PWID), the prosecution is usually based on one of three factual patterns that depict a possessor of narcotics who does not intend to use all of the narcotics for themselves, or the prosecution is based on a conspiracy.

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Mandatory Sentencing in

In state court most drug mandatories have been overturned. In federal court, the mandatories still exist in federal drug crimes. Federal drug crime mandatory sentences are some of the harshest sentences in criminal law. A Possession with the Intent to Deliver conviction can easily result in a three to six year jail sentence based on the sentencing guidelines regardless of whether a mandatory applies.

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Mandatory Sentencing, Forfeiture, and Bail Reductions

Although most mandatories in state court related to drug crimes have been overturned, county governments are still fiercely prosecuting drug crimes throughout Pennsylvania. In Federal narcotics cases all the mandatories still exists and the sentences are harsh. The government is now more actively seizing property related to drug and narcotics arrests. The power of government can be overwhelming if you do not have a good lawyer to properly represent you in court.

If your property has been seized and you want to fight back and keep what’s yours, contact us now for a free consultation. If your loved one is in custody because their bail is too high or the government is requiring proof of bail funding, contact us now for a free consultation.

Our Clients

Contact us now for a free consultation with a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney and discuss your narcotics charge or drug case.

Whether the prosecution is in Philadelphia, Allentown, Reading, Scranton, Harrisburg, State College, Pittsburgh, Erie or any community in Pennsylvania, we can help.

We travel throughout Pennsylvania from the smallest counties to the largest metropolitan areas defending people’s rights and fighting for them when no one else will. Time after time we get phone calls and emails from people who are unhappy with the system, unhappy with the pressure to plead guilty, and unhappy with the way the system treats them as guilty until proven innocent instead of protecting their constitutional guarantees and not even giving them a chance to fight.

“Once prospective clients meet with us, they become our clients for years
to come because our response is simple: fight back now.”


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